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Unit 0

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Well this is an assignment of the #Unit0 of the #openflip course and the instructions are: 

Please document your thoughts of the topic (Flipped Learning) and your goals during the course. Include any fears, hopes, doubts, experiences (good and bad) and how you think FL can (or cannot) address these for you and your classes. See below for details of how to do this.
You will submit this in two formats: written (Blog Post) and video (YouTube or similar)
  1. Post a short essay (How long? Long enough, a single page even) of your thoughts on this to get them into written format. Video is great, but the written word creates a different type of reflection and also is much more amenable to searching. Please post this to your blog and also include in your blog the tag (or category) #Unit0
  2. Post a short (30 seconds - 1 minute) video screen capture/recording of your reflections on the topic. Please post to YouTube (you can leave it as 'unlisted' or make it public, your choice) and post the link to your reflections here in the comments for all to view or you could also embed that YouTube video in your blog post.

My thoughts on the Topic.

First of all, last December, I had the unbelievable fortune of being in a conference with Jon Bergmann and Aaron Sams, and I totally loved it. So there I was, after the conference, the workshops were about to start but I didn't register to any of them so I assumed all of the good ones were full so I was about to walk away. When a friend of mine told me there was just one spot in Aaron and Jon's Workshop, and I called my husband and told him I was going to be home late and that's when all of this started.

When I was a girl and then a Teenager and even in the University, I wasn't a very good student, I didn't care much about grades and I resented bad teachers,  you know? These people who expect one has to learn something just because they are the authority in the front and don't  go the extra mile to actually make the learning process enjoyable.  So you can't say I hated school, but I only liked a few classes, the one with good teachers.   I guess everyone has similar stories but maybe in my case, I was very conscious of it.  I was very aware of techniques and methods and of whatever teachers did to make their class a good class.   It all comes to the basic and simple idea that the learning process should be enjoyable.

Aaron and Jon's Workshop kind of touched  that little girl inside me and told her: LOOK!! This guys are teaching people how to make teaching enjoyable!   And that's Flipped Learning for me, the possibility to a better learning process, to a fun learning process, to enjoyable classes and the chance to make kids actually like school.

So this is why I'm here, this is what I expect. To be a better teacher, to be one of the good ones.   Maybe this is all the selfish human desire to be remembered and loved.   But while I figure it out, I'll keep learning stuff.

I posted the video here: