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Soooooo today’s  last day of #Semanai!!!! It’s sad because I’m going to miss to see everyday…


…but I’ll see him in class haaaaaa.

Today was about video, the first hours of course, we had Diego Zavala as our guest, and he talked about how a video can tell a story, and it doesn’t have to be like a super produced video, you can say a lot with one minute, a few pictures and audio in this, he also talked about this page called STORYCENTER which is about tell and listening to short stories about people around the world, and I think it’s awesome because when you think about make a video you think that you need a lot of production, and you’re not, you just need an idea or a though. So I will post a video of my beautiful dog ‘cause you know, I love him more than anything in the world, and he’s the cuttest.


Ok moving on to Digital Identity, we had a deep conversation with Rebecca Hogue and Helen DeWaard, this day was full of questions which was really good,there were questions about security online, some others about how blowing and writing in public spaces can help you out as a therapy or to just free ourselves from things that we keep inside.

This was an awesome experience,thank you to everyone involved but most of all thanks to Ken!!

Oh, BTW it was nice to use twitter again!! look at this:

captura-de-pantalla-2016-10-02-a-las-8-47-10-p-m captura-de-pantalla-2016-10-02-a-las-8-46-56-p-m

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So today it’s almost the last day…

I don’t know if #Ken is reading my posts, but anyways…

Today was an not so much active day but it was interesting, we visit the blogs of our classmates and commented in these, and was interesting to see how different we are haha, in the good way, I mean, I saw like at least 50 photos, each one with different words and meaning, and it is amazing to see how a photo, sometimes can say more than words, I think I’m finally understanding all the things that Ken says, if we’re going to put something in Internet, we should put cool stuff, something that can change lives, well not that strong, but something that make other people feels different, or change their perspective, not just put random stuff and words, we never know who is going to read this post right Ken?

In the noon we had the virtual visit of our guest Maha Bali, she was in Cairo, and for this visit I read her article Knowing the Difference Between Digital Skills and Digital Literacies, and Teaching Both, this article blew my mind, but I regret one thing, not to asked anything to #Maha, I was to shy to ask my question, but maybe I’ll do it on twitter, this article talks about how we can use the digital world as a connection, learning, critics, and judgment and all these together  create a Digital Literacies, no skill, as the article says, anyone can learn how to download a photo and use it in some article or blog post, but what really matters is the content of a blog post or a video, if it is informative or not, if it will be transfer information or a feeling, and that’s what Maha said in one question that someone asked, she said that she preferred to do a blog post instead of video, but then she said that with a video you can get more emotional and it’s easier for people to understand you, but with writing you can get deep something that you can’t do with a video, and something that was very interesting to me, was that she said that maybe videos are more like for our generation, and for her generation the blog posts are better.

Today was an interesting day and I’m looking forward for tomorrow, last day of #Semanai with Ken and Diego Zavala.


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So today was pretty interesting, we did a “safari photo” and we had to take some photos with the words we choose from our description, it was a very interesting, funny and reflective activity, at least for me because it made me think about what I was doing wrong with my habits and what I wanted to improve, so here are my pictures:

The first one is my favorite because I’ve never been in this place of the Tec de Monterrey and I loved the view, one thing I want to do is DISCOVER new things, about everything, discover what I can do with my brain and body, one quote that it’s been on my mind is “IF IT’S HUMANLY POSSIBLE, YOU CAN DO IT”.20160929_134134

The second photo is about USING ALL YOUR ENERGY!!!, it doesn’t matter if it’s on sports, on school, dancing, even blogging, but if you’re going to do something, you better do it right, right?, sometimes I feel that we don’t use all of our potential, and we take things for granted, so I will really try to change this and use all my energy in what I do.


The third photo is about RENOVATION, just like these new chairs in the TEC, perhaps it’s just a simple and really tiny tiny renovation, but it matters, you can start to renovate the simplest thing and go on until you renovate what at onces seems imposible, and you know what David Beckham says in that Nike comercial, “impossible is nothing”.20160929_135005

The fourth photo is about think out of the bubble, like MULTIPLE SCENARIOS, I think that it’s important to open our eyes to something else, be part of something else, not just our bubble, maybe if we could think about our life like multiple scenarios, we could try new things everyday, so we don’t stuck in some idea or way to think, I know it’s hard, I’ve tried this, but we shouldn’t underestimate the power of our mind.20160929_134842

The last photo is: ONE STEP FORWARD, for this one I’d like to say that is always important to look forward and never backwards, we should never think about the past, it’s the past! we will never be able to change that, so let’s move forward and think about the present and maybe just think a little about the future, so when the time comes, we will be one step forward.20160929_140331


After the safari photo, we had the visit from Laura Gogia and Lee Skallerup talking about #DigitalPresence, there was one thing that Laura mentioned that was really interesting, she said that the only thing that remains steady trough the day, so they told us that if we are going to put something in the web, it should be something that it’s important to us.




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So this was my face when I first heard Visitors and Residents:


Well this thing about visitors and residents is according to David S. White and Alison Le Cornu in his article: Visitors and Residents is: “A new typology for online engagement: Visitors and Residents is a simple way of describing the range of ways individuals can engage with the Web. It’s a continuum of ‘modes of engagement’ not two distinct categories.”

So basically we analyzed the applications we used daily with the help of our guest speakers Autumm Caines , Bonnie Stewart and Sundi Richard, it was very interesting to see all the different vandr(visitors and residents)schemes  that came out with everyone in the classroom.

A vandr scheme it’s composed by 4 categories: personal, professional, visitor or resident, when you put some app in visitor it means that you only are there to watch or hear things in the app, but basically you don’t contribute to anything in that app or site, and in the other hand (resident) you are there, in that site or app to contribute with anything to society, you can classify it in two categories, personal or professional, personal means that you use it only for personal interest (like social media) and professional you use it only for work or school.

It was interesting to think where to put every app that we use, this activity was fun, also Autumm, Bonnie and Sundi where very helpful and was easier to understand what visitors and residents means.


Here’s a picture of my scheme:


Until tomorrow…

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OK, this is my first post about iWeek with Ken Bauer, i’ll be posting at least 1 post per day, hope so… just kidding Ken, so lets start.

In this week we will be talking about digital identity, WHAT?? yes Digital Identity, in order tu understand more about it, here’s a little explanation:

This video is an example and very helpful and easy to get.

Today we started our week with our first guest Dave Cormier, he was explaining how our identity is very important, and how can we protect ourselves in the web, the best advice he gave us, was that we can prevent what we upload, is not easy, but it is possible, we can select what information we gave and make it easy to find.

One of the most interesting things that he saids was that is very hard to not get hacked, because there are people that dedicates just to that, hack information, so again, it’s very important that we can decide what to upload. Is not safe to get into a fight in social media since everything is recorded forever, I think that we can use social media to know more people and learn brand new information, but never to get advantage or offend someone else with our posts.

This is just a little summary of the day, looking forward for tomorrows chat with Laura Gogia, it’s exciting to learn stuff everyday, see you tomorrow.