Closing thoughts

--Originally published at David M. on Digital Identity.

So #Semanai has ended now.

I found some interesting reading material on the website but regarding the course content, I found it pretty bland, for me I guess. Since high school, I’ve dabbed into the idea of owning your own website. A lot of the content from the course may seem new to non-ISC majors but I knew the 90% course content.

What really got me into forming my own digital identity has been the past year of increasingly Facebook and Twitter censorship and liberal bias.

When you own your content they can’t censor you. When you own your identity, you can’t be shamed into submission.

For me the end goal would be to have a brand, an identity, which is platform-agnostic. If they censor you on Facebook, move to Twitter, if they censor that, move to your own website.

Facebook, Twitter, podcasts, photos, videos, you can be everywhere on the internet.

Like Mike Cernovich from would say, be “too big to ignore”.


Day 5

--Originally published at David M. on Digital Identity.

Today we had a visit by Diego Zavala in which we learned about the history of video production and short films.

What has really been a game changer is the fast-paced development of technology since it provided access to quality cameras and the internet allowed widespread diffusion of said short films.

We learned about how people around the world can produce short films about simple stuff but still transmit a good story.

Day 3

--Originally published at David M. on Digital Identity.

Today we had a presentation of how we use the internet on two different “mindsets”, either as a “Visitor” or as a “Residents”.

  • The “visitor” mindset is about using a website as a tool, to get something done and that’s it.
  • The “resident” mindset is about being active on the website and actually produce content and interact with the other members.

Afterwards, we had a hangout with Autumm Caines, Bonnie Stewart and Sundi Richard about how to connect with people on similar interest using the internet.  Using a “map” to assign a category to each tool, we found out that not all people use social media the same way. As some people use Facebook for professional reasons, other use it as a totally personal tool. Same goes for Twitter. We also categorised other unexpected tools such as LMSs or

We were encouraged to use other media types instead of just writing so what I did was interview a friend of mine, mechatronics engineer not very tech savvy, about whether which websites he used as a resident and/or as a visitor.

Here’s the short interview:





Day 2

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Today we saw a couple of topics.

I missed the first one since I arrived around 20 minutes late due to the traffic caused by the heavy rain last night.

Anyways, when I got here, was almost time to go to the photo safari, in which we were supposed to take photos of 5-10 words that described us.

Here are mine:

1- Determined


I chose this word since I consider myself a person that if I set myself to achieve something, I most of the time get it. The thing that got me was the caption of this plaque. “Make things happen”

2- Focused


3- Winnerwinner2

  • Learn
  • Physique

Work in progress…

Day 1

--Originally published at #itecgda

We began the day with an explanation of what is the internet, what is a website.

The explanation fo what goes into the internet followed. Private information on Faceook is still on the internet, private mesages of any messaging app it’s still on the internet.

We had a guest speaker, Dave Cormier about the importance of online identity.. We had some questions to some of which I completely facepalmed.

The ones I remember were:

  • How we can protect our information against hackers.

Truth is you can’t. You completely depend on the companies security abilities to protect you. Security is a pretty much cat and mouse game. Vulnerabilities get patched and new ones are found. Think of the super hacks of Yahoo, Target, DNC (Democractic National Comitee). I could write a complete post about this so I’m going to skip to the next one.


Work in progress.