Day 3

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First, Ken gave us an introduction about what we would be doing today (like always). Also, he showed us a video.

We were supposed to have the guest speakers at 10, but there was a misundertanding and we had them at 9.

Guest speakers of the day:  Autumm Caines , Bonnie Stewart & Sundi Richard.

Here’s the video of the talk:

They taught us the difference between visitors and residents and why it is important to be a resident.

We also did a map about in which social media we are visitors and which we are residents (Click here for mine).

10:00 – Break time.

Afterwards, we followed to see onscreen some of the maps of the group. Then Ken intereacted with us and we also had time to work on our blogs and do the audio interview activity.

And well, that was Day 3.