Day 4: Communicating

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Maha Bali was today’s main guest. The talk can be found here. It was mostly a Q&A session with the class about topics related to digital identity. Social networks, blogging, and censorship were all talked about.

To start things off, we were asked to read other classmates’ blogs and make comments. I found it very interesting to get an insight into how others are experiencing the class. Many of them wrote about topics I considered secondary when writing my blog. This helped me remember most of the topics we discussed, not only the ones I wrote about.

As the class got started, we talked about the use of technology, specifically cell phones, when being with other people. The topic was particularly interesting since different classmates had different opinions on the matter. Ken said using a phone for social activities even when in front of others is fine and doesn’t make us asocial. Even Maha agreed that using technology doesn’t hurt our social relationships. A point of view held by some of the others was that the person physically in front of you deserves attention before those on the phone.

Maha’s participation today covered a wide set of questions. One of the first asked questions was her opinion about the phone issue previously discussed. As mentioned, she felt people on the phone deserved your attention in the same way those around you do. In regards to her blogging, she talked a bit about her own style and what are the various ways to blog. She mentioned a blog should take 5 mins. max to read but also gave some credit to other forms of media like video and audio even though she prefered text.

Personally, I still prefer writing over making videos when creating, but feel the same about both when consuming. Depending on what type of information you are looking to share, a video or blog will achieve in a different way. Adapting the medium to your content can make it more enjoyable but harder to produce. It is important to find balance between these.