Digital presence: Visitor or Resident?

--Originally published at Digital Identity

Today I’m posting in english, for no particular reason other than just feeling like it.

The third day revolveed around the concepts of visitors or residents, said terms were new to me but the video we watched earlier clarified them. At the beginning of that video, David White discussed other terms, which, like he said, seemed inaccurate: native and immigrant, I do believe that for people born surrounded by the internet, it’s easier to understand and use it, and the rest may have a harder time adjusting. It is obvious that with ideas so rigid, not everyone will feel included in such categories since the world is not black and white but rather a spectrum of colors, in this case in between the know it all and the noob.

Visitor and resident encompass a broader spectrum of people that even move around each term depending on a site (the activity we did regarding this shown in the image), as the guest speakers Sundi, Autumn and Bonnie explained and discussed; probably and depending on age, people could identify more with their classification of sites or ours, or completely disagree with both because internet is full of surprises (and trolls).

Last but not least, and recapitulating the subjects covered in the past lessons, I’m feeling more positive towards the idea of keeping a blog and updating it constantly, since my past experiences haven’t been as successful as this assignment  (regarding consistency) I will try and use the motivation and experience shared with us to try and help my old blog be reborn into the new perspective.