First Day, First Guest (Dave Cormier)

--Originally published at iTecGda – Code With Charlie

Today we started with the right foot, our first Guest David is awesome, he talked about a lot of useful things, almost all of them where related with the main subject of this workshop The Digital Identity.

He talked about what Digital identity is. The digital identity is like a knife, it could be used for good of for bad, the internet is not private even when it says is “private”, the servers are computers and a lot of people have access to them so they can see your private content.

He told us to use our Digital Identity for good, all or almost all of the companies have evolved, they use the social networks as a part of they recruitment process  to know which type of person you are, what you like to do and if you have what they need, so be careful posting things you don’t thing will like to your future employer.

He also told us that if we have a negative Digital Identity we can work out of there, start to do different things until the good things overcome the bad things.

It was a very interesting conference, if you want to see it I will leave the video below.