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First of all… we had a nice talk about video and story telling web pages with Diego Zavala, he helps us out to create a video, and he showed us some nice videos about storytelling and how do they work. I found very nice the webpage Storycorps, I like how it works and the purpose of the webpage.

Diego helped us to edit a video, and here it is, I hope you like is about lasts year iWeek, My girlfriend, her sister and me, went to a trip to chicago with the Civil Engineering students and professors, and it was amazing!!!! I’ve never been to Chicago and I love it, I would love to go back. Here is the link of the video:

iWeek Video



LIVE TALK w/ Rebecca J. Hogue & Helen DeWaard, we talk about a bunch of stuff this time, there were questions about security online, some others about how blowing and writing in public spaces can help you out as a therapy or to just free ourselves from things that we keep inside.

From all the talks we had through the week I think this one was one of the most informational talks, we asked a lot of question about different topics even different context questions and they answers everything in a very clear way. All the group was very participative. I think that was what it miss in the first two days, but it is compressible.

So with this last post iWeek is over, we are back to normal courses, back to try to save the semester jaja.