Day 10 (binaryzin’ since ’96 biatch)

--Originally published at Digital Identity


Update: A little late on my post, I wrote it yesterday but didn’t publish it ’cause I wanted to polish it later, and I completely forgot. Sorry mom.

So today was day two. Yes, today I’m writing in english ’cause I want to and I can. First activity of the day was a photo safari. I’m not really that creative but I tried my best (sorry for the spanish on the cutouts, I wasn’t able to get my hands on an english magazine):

Click to view slideshow.

I was gonna explain every pic, but I gave it a thought and I prefer that you give each of them a meaning (you’re more than  invited to say what you think in the comments section).

Then, we had two guest speakers, Laura and Lee. I did like both of them, and that part when they talked about how all of us wear different hats everyday really caught on to me. I even change who I am online based on the social network I’m visiting. For instance, when I’m on Facebook I’m the guy who sends everyone the reminder that our project is due tomorrow, when I’m on Twitter I try to follow the news and post sarcastic comments about stuff that I find and my Tumblr is a window to my emotional state throughout the day.

Then we had some time to work on our blogs which I totally wasted by being on Facebook. Ups. I made a meme for Ken and he didn’t even see it:/. After that we connected with Alan and Amy. It was nice to have a pair of people who are good friends, ’cause they are more comfortable with each other. I made a question (yei!). So consistency is a good tip for blogging. Should have that in mind.

Words are not coming to my head anymore. Sorry guys, see ya tomorrow. Drive safe.