How do you feel about your Social Networks?

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By Luis Najera

In today’s lesson we review the type of use We give to our Social Networks using a diagram, in this case it looked like a graph, in the X axis it has the word Resident and in the left the word Visitor, in this case you can define yourself as a Resident or a Visitor. A Resident is the one who interacts with a lot of people and is an active member, in the other side a Visitor is that one who only uses his account to follow the track to friends and family or maybe to stalk but they do not publish that much. And in the upper part of the Y axis you have the word Personal and in the lower part you have the word Institutional. If you only use a specific social network for your work or your career you can consider it Institutional, but if you use it to establish social interaction you can consider it Personal.

If you have any question you can see the video below, in the video our Guests Autumm Caines and Dr. Bonnie Stewart explain us the process to make this diagram and they also talk about the digital identity.


My diagram is the next.

And also I interviewed my friend Rosa and asked her about her social networks.

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Luis Najera.