As a User, What do You Prefer: Mac or PC?

When thinking about how I was introduced to computers, an old desktop computer with a huge monitor comes to my mind. I used to have some fun playing around with paint. After that old computer, I got my first  PC, made by Compaq. Having my own computer was already  big deal and it helped me realize that technology had more for me and motivated me to keep looking for new technologies and evolution.

More PCs came into my life but I felt I upgraded myself until I switched into a Mac. I got a MacBook Pro around 2010 and I found that Apple had a more simple but modern OS which made it more attractive to me.


So here is where I’ll answer my own question… What do I prefer: Mac or Pc?

In my personal opinion, in my short and mid term I will not switch from Mac to Pc. Having a Mac nowadays makes users fully capable of the same stuff and sometimes you might not know how to do something but getting to solve your problem might be easier in a Mac than in a PC. I also think that this descision is also made due to my other devices that are Apple branded and having all sycronized as I have them wouldn’t as simple and clean having a PC.

coffee-cup-mug-appleI also think that getting back to a Windows based computer wouldn’t be easy for me due to the lack of practice and use with Windows OS’s since the last one I used was Windows 7 and for what I’ve seen, it has changed a lot.

People that I know that have also been in the situation from switching from Pc to a Mac, also think that it’s easier and much more simple to learn new things

create stuff in less time.