Code Of Ethics


The Association for Computing Machinery is an organization that cares a lot about the Software Engineering community. Among the many things they do, one of the most important things is that they try to unify the professional ethic principles that conceptualize the ideal work on a System’s Engineer.

The ACM Code of Ethics identifies the elements of every member’s commitment to ethical professional conduct.  It outlines fundamental considerations that contribute to society and human well-being and those that specifically relate to professional responsibilities, organizational imperatives, and compliance with the code.

There are eight main principles that ACM suggests following:

1.- Public: This principles is about caring for others, trying to take in consideration everyone’s wishes and capabilities without trying to pursue an individual desire.

2.- Client and Employer: This is about transparency. It is crucial to be honest with your client and to do what you say you’ll do, always follow through, no matter how hard things get. This will help your credibility and your connection towards the people who ask for your services.

3.- Product: Always look for the best option for the product you’ll present. It is very important to use quality products, even if this implies a higher cost, it is totally worth it.

4.- Judgement: Use your good judgement, always be ethical not just as a professional but also as a person. Never get involved in illegal things.

5.- Management: Organize your energy, your movements and your administration, so once you agree to something with a client, there is no way you’re gonna change the game rules at the end just because you just didn’t take in consideration all the possible outcomes. The only exception for changing the original plan is an extreme and justified reason.

6.- Profession: Be

for what you do. Try and create a good reputation involving your professional techniques and skills. Be supportive ALWAYS.

7.- Colleagues: Use your work to help the community, this is, try to create a piece of work that can be easily understood; try and make the work a little bit easier for the people you work with.

8.- Self: Always push yourself. This is about constant learning and skill development, try and look for new things that can make you a better Software Engineer.