Course Review

But first, a little about myself

first, I wanted to let something clear, and it is that I´m not an ISC and I actually don´t really enjoy a lot of the computing things, a lot of talks I didn´t even knew what they were all talking about. Just keep this in your head.

Also disclaimer, this was meant to be in a video but due to technical reasons I couldn´t upload it so I just transcribed it as it sounded in an attempt to not get misunderstood.

The way of teaching

First we´ll start with the way of teaching, the #FlippedClassroom. I have to say I really liked it, I´ve had another class with Ken before so I already knew what to expect more or less. Although I´m not as in love as some other people like Ken and a bunch of ISC, I think it´s a really good way of changing things a bit.

It really is a good way to draw people´s attention and hunger for knowledge, it didn´t work on me because I don´t like this things, and I kinda needed to be forced into the classroom. But I get it, ISC are like 99.999% of your students, I mean I wouldn´t have changed for me. What I´ll say is that all the passion you bring to the classes can really get contagious, and that´s the mark of a great teacher.

Ooohh also…the chats with other people were great. Again, I´m not really interested so I didn´t get the liking too much. But the majority of the group really liked them. So they must have really been interesting.

The Blogs

Aaahh… the blogs, if there´s one thing I really don´t enjoy are the blogs. I mean…I DID learned from them(point for the blogs) but making them

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so tedious, even if I did 1 per week it just wasn´t fun!…which is a huge contrast from the class.

I know that you need to make sure we learned, but I just think there are better ways to do it than the blogs or maybe you know better and maybe I´m just a lazy kid who doesn´t know what he´s talking about, who knows.


Ooohh my god this was a great idea!!! I said it last semester, and I´ll say it again. The abolish grades system that you´ve implemented is just amazing!!! The mere fact that you as a student don´t have to be constantly stressed about the number in your grade sheet, but you´re still being…let´s say “paid” based on your work I think is genius. I think the rubric is well designed and balanced. I don´t exactly know which aspects you take into consideration when changing a student´s grade, but at least for me, I most of the times found the grade that got out of the rubric fair.


So yeah…that is a great idea, and I do think could very well be the way of the future.

Some constructive criticism

  • First, I want to adress the problem of the blogs, I have an idea for a solution. I once had this teacher who would divide the group into small teams and then he would assign some of the semester´s topics to each one(that specific time there were 2 topics per team) and the team would need to give the topic that day. A full 1 hour class complemented with an activity, some theory, a video, and a real-life application. Then, the teacher would maybe give some missing details or compliment to the information. Of course, he did exams and quizes so maybe you would need to tweek it a little bit…but I think that would be a way better assignment than the blogs
  • The first class, where you give the “it´s better to learn than to just memorize” speech and the “it´s okay to fail” screaming is awesome…it just is, please leave it in.

Just some parting words

So Ken, despite the bad student I was for the majority of the semester, I think you are a great teacher, your new ideas and your passion and knowledge really inspire.I learned a lot this semester, a lot more than last semester at least(of things I wasn´t interested but he, knowledge is power) and I hope I can one day have a teacher like you.

You are a great teacher, with all your crazy ideas, and probably one of the best ones I´ve met, I just think you weren´t the teacher for me.

Thank you for one year of more experiences than knowledge.

Resultado de imagen para meme adios vaquero