Floreth's Blog 2016-08-22 17:54:00

What is Software Engineering?

What does software engineering really means?, according to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) "software engineering is applying the principles of engineering to the software development field". For most people programming is considered to be and art or a craft, but in reality programming falls in between and art and a science. Because everything can be an art not just dancing or making music, i believe that something becomes an art when you are really passionate about something that you do. I do think that it's mostly a science because your need a specific process to create and develop a good program. So are software engineers not really programmers?, yes they are. We just differ form them because we take a different approach when it comes to developing software. Software engineers tend to treat programming as a more formal process, with a series of logic instructions, it's focused on the traditional engineering. 
True software engineering follows a life-cycle, which i'll get more into details in the next blog post.