Software Verification and Validation


Verification and Validation are important during the Software Lifecycle because they help us to find and correct errors as soon as possible, thus preventing the delivery of a faulty product to a costumer. Is it a good product or not?

There are two aspects of V&V tasks:

  • Confirms to requirements
  • Fit for use

It’s important to outline the difference between these two terms:

  1. Verification:
    1. Process to evaluate the mediator products to check wheter the products satisfy the conditions imposed during the beginning of the phase.
    2. “Are we building the product right?”
    3. It uses static testing.
    4. A verifier stablishes that the product implements all the requirements documented in the SRS.
  2. Validation: 
    1. Process of evaluating the final product to check if it meets the business needs.
    2. “Are we building the right product?”
    3. It uses dynamic testing.
    4. The validator establishes that the SRS is a true reflection of the user’s needs.