TC1019: Course review

Hello m8s, this is probably my last post of the semester. Hope you enjoyed all my posts.
The Fundamentals of Software Engineering course (TC1019) with Ken Bauer was great because of his flipped classroom method. Without it this course would probably be just another memorized, undigested, boring theory course. Thanks to the flipped classroom method I had to read, investigate and learn by myself forcing me to actually learn something, be responsible and get my own conclusions of the theory. Otherwise I  would just have to learn by memory a dozen of sentences to write them in a piece of paper. I hate studying, memorizing words or formulas sucks, what I loved about this course is that I didn´t need to study for my exams (giving a quick read to your post before a exam still helps to refresh old memories ;) ), I knew every topic because at some point I had to read, investigate and write a post about it.

Of course, this class wouldn´t be a success without Ken Bauer, he is actually what makes this class great. He really wants us to get involved in the class and to share our experiences with others. Eventhough I didn´t participate that much on twitter, I made my sharing on the blogs. I think that is very important to have in mind that this is not a competition, if I or somebody else discovered something new or interesting we could share it to the whole class thanks to the tools Ken introduced to us (Twitter, Slacks, Blogs etc.) After all we are all here to learn. Also, he shares his experiences with us, and that is for me the most valuable things of the class. Private interviews with software developers celebrities, extra "off-topic" relevant content and a lot interesting material(including his personal opinion on different topics) were the essence of this course. I enjoyed a lot the extra readings and videos Ken shared with us, they teached me that out there in the real world there are a lot of really talented and pasionated people that wanted to make the world a better place using software engineering. It made me realize that software is made by people for the people. People is at the core of software engineering and we should not forget that.

Now, what I noticed a lot between my partners, is that not all of them learned as they were suposed to learn. Ken Bauer is a really flexible teacher, he won´t force you to do anything and he will just hope that you do you as best as you can. He shares with us a lot of his knowledge with extra content inside and outside class and a lot of people just ignores him. I feel bad for them, they didn´t notice the big chance they had here to learn something extra that probably would take years to realize to somebody outside the class. Ken Bauer is a great spoiler of the real world, he has a lot of experience and he wants to share it with you. If you don´t want to know anything but the theory to pass the exam, better take the class with somebody else, don´t waste your time comming into a class that will give you more than what you want. ( OMG SAVAGE!!)

Here is a video some partners and I made about the class:

Aaaannndd that´s it for now, Ken classes are great if you are willing to take what he gives to you, otherwise it can be just another memorizing boring theory class that you will probably forget the next semester. Try to learn from Ken the most you can, the theory is always on Google at one click away from your phone, it is important but it is accesible from any device with connection to wifi and what Ken teaches you is not. Always try to be the best you and to be a better person. Be happy, be nice(most of the time) and goodbye.

*Excuse me for my horrible english (If that´s the case)