Waterfall Method


The waterfall method is a way of producing new code, it is a sequential design process. This methodology has eight steps or tasks. Those are onception, initiation, analysis, design, construction, testing, implementation, and maintenance. Obviously, this methodology has advantages and disadvantages.


  • One of the biggest advantages regarding the methodology is that it is possible to have a well-programmed schedule. Each progress is recorded so it is the possibility to improve the way we  work.
  • It is a great tool to costumers. They can have an idea regarding the time, size, and cost of the project.
  • It’s a great way of having a complete documentation.


  • If a step or task is completed, there is no way back to it.
  • The methodology requieres a lot of time just for trying to reach it.
  • If a mistake in the methodology is found, all the project must start from the beginning.
  • The methodology doesn’t take into account the customer once the waterfall method starts.

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