This task was of the most challenging ones of the entire course. We had to make a programm to find candidates of lychrel numbers in a given range. First of all i had to look what a lychrel number was because i never heard of it. Then i found out that theres a theory that when you add a number to its inverse ‘n’ times eventually it will become palyndrome which means, if you read it backward it would be the same as if you read it normally.

But there are some numbers that havent been able to prove this theory, i even read that ones, scientifics let a computer programm running for three years in search for its palyndrome, eventually they stopped the programm and found a number of one million digits which is a lot, but never the palyndrome.

I get confused a lot with variables but at the end Ken helped me to fix the last problems, here is my code:


Hope you like it!

CC BY 4.0 Yo soy 196 by fersabal is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.