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Ana Gloria Angulo’s Articles at TC101 Fall 2015
Introduction to Programming Python and C++

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How to survive TC101

(Credit goes to https://flic.kr/p/npRG3C) I think this will be my last post for a while, but it’s an especial one. First things first, I’m going to tell you that I liked this class very much. It was a different kind that I enjoyed. Perhaps sometimes I got a little stressed, but everything ended fine. I […]

Final Project (5)

I’m glad to say we finally finished our project. I feel kind of free now because I can relax a bit except that I have finals. Now I’m going to tell you a story: Once upon a time, there were two girls who studied IMD and were on TC101. So one day, their teacher deciced […]

WSQ 16: Cars

(The credit of the image goes to https://flic.kr/p/5fhTtd) FINALLY, LAST WSQ!!! No comments thou. It’s difficult. At least, it was the last one and now I’m free. Read this before trying anything: http://www.cplusplus.com/articles/D9j2Nwbp/#s2n http://www.cplusplus.com/reference/string/stof/ http://c.conclase.net/ficheros/?cap=002b Here’s the code for this WSQ: https://github.com/anagloriaac/WSQ/blob/master/WSQ16:%20Cars I’m not sure its okay thou.  

Mastery 05: Demonstrate use of Linux sufficient for quizzes/exams

I don’t know why, but the Impr pant key wasn’t working, so I had to take a picture with my phone. As you can see, this time I didn’t use my own computer because I don’t have Ubuntu installed. Basically, this mastery was just to demonstrate that I know how to write a code and […]

WSQ17 – Scilab

(The credit of the image goes to https://flic.kr/p/97fLJ9) This should be the last one. However, not for me. I haven’t done the WSQ16. I’m loving this last WSQ because they’re easy, so that makes me happy. This one consist on trying Scilab! For this one, first I had to download Scilab from this page: https://www.scilab.org/ After […]

Mastery #22: When to use what type of repetition in a program

(The credit of the image goes to https://flic.kr/p/amg4b5) For this Mastery #22, I got help from the following website: http://www.cs.fsu.edu/~cop3014p/lectures/ch5/index.html And like always, I did a Power Point that I hope you enjoy! mastery22

MASTERY #27: Validated user input in C++

(Credit of the image goes to https://flic.kr/p/daqZ4E) This one is almost the last Mastery I’ll do, and here’s #27. Like the last parcial, I decided to do ppt again, so I hope you enjoy it. Here it is: Validated user input is just asking users for their info, so they can access!! MASTERY27

WSQ 15 – Final Dash

(The credit of the image goes to https://flic.kr/p/7MhBfD) The semester is almost over (Just 3 more days and 6 more finals). I can’t believe how fast my first semester of college went. Wow. I LOVED THIS WSQ!!! This one has been my favorite. It helped me relax and organize my things. For this one I had […]

WSQ14 – Estimating e

(The credit of the image goes to https://flic.kr/p/5kxhnT) This is WSQ 14, and to be honest, I didn’t have trouble for this because the other day we had a quiz involving this wsq, so what I did was to copy the code I used for my quiz. However, when I was doing the quiz, I […]

WSQ13 – Babylonian Method

(The credit of the image goes to https://flic.kr/p/6HHtpR) This WSQ was very easy and very fast to do because in other times, we had to do something involving the square root, so it was okay. Here’s my code: https://github.com/anagloriaac/WSQ/blob/master/WSQ13%20%E2%80%93%20Babylonian%20Method

What should you work on?

Week #12 and more partial exams for you.

For this week's readings:
C++ (TC1017) should either be looking at support for your project, ImageMagick C++ libraries are a good start.
Python (TC1014) should be finishing chapter 11 (Dictionaries).