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Introduction to Programming Python and C++

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This is my Youtube channel were is all my stuff


#Project completed

We did it!!! We finish the project, with the functions of imagemagick wasn’t difficult but I don’t know if we could have done it with an array. I do the code in my laptop and uploaded to GitHub so that… Continue Reading →


#Prueba de magick ++

The code for testing imagemagick finally worked 😀 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m very happy, it’s a big step for Hector and I tomorrow we will finish all this!!!!! Here is the code that we use https://github.com/kenwbauer/TC101F15_Team19/blob/master/prueba The code only show a pixel… Continue Reading →


Well my linux works properly but I don’t know why i couldn’t run my program. So Hector and I go to the Plan B, we install the ImageMagick in his Mac With a little help of ken we could do… Continue Reading →

WSQ 14

This wasn’t that dificult… I think Here you can see a formula that might help you if you want to obtain e http://www.disfrutalasmatematicas.com/numeros/e-euler-numero.html And here is the link to my GitHub https://github.com/ReneOro97/-WSQ/blob/master/WSQ14

The devil became a WSQ

What can I say, this was the most difficul WSQ I’va ever seen It took me to long more than expected, there’s only three days for the course over xD But well here is my code https://github.com/ReneOro97/-WSQ/blob/master/WSQ11

Almost the end…

I make a video for telling my experience about this course and also to give the next TC101 student some advises for being succesful. This feels almost the end…  

#WSQ 15 Final Dash

Well there’s only two weeks left for finishing the semester and I have to do another 4 WSQs and the final project For this week I plan to finish all the WSQs Also I will do the video tonigh for… Continue Reading →

What should you work on?

Week #12 and more partial exams for you.

For this week's readings:
C++ (TC1017) should either be looking at support for your project, ImageMagick C++ libraries are a good start.
Python (TC1014) should be finishing chapter 11 (Dictionaries).