Flipped learning is right now the most innovative way for students to receive knowledge. Flipped learning consists on decreasing the amount of lectures given in classrooms and implementing a new system.

      In flipped learning, teachers upload their material so students can have access to it in the comfort of their homes. However, this material will not be lectured about during a session. On the other hand, the students will study their material at home and review in class. This way, students can ask questions during the sessions and have the opportunity to solve their doubts more clearly with the help of their teachers.

     This innovation in educations allows introvert students to approach their teachers directly instead of raising their hands in from of their classmates.

     Nevertheless, this procedure might have never been used by students: This will cause some of them to waste their time and do everything on the last minute instead of just managing their time efficiently. This situation is stated in the video “How to Flip aClassroom – Inside and Out”.

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