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Introduction to Programming Python and C++

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WSQ11, The hardest freaking one.

This one must have been the hardest one in the whole semester. However, I have done it. I used Big Integer libraries, as well as their functions “stringToBigInteger” and “bigIntegerToString” to done this one. Here the image: And the code: So good to already finished this one.

WSQ11 – Yo soy 196

Hi this time I’m posting WSQ11 a work about Lychrel Numbers to be honest it was for me the most difficult WSQ ever, because it took me like 3 weeks to understand what I was suppose to do, but after see many pages and read a lot about Lychrel number, I finally understand everything, so…
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Really difficult for me; honestly I did it with a lot of help :/


Here is my code:

WSQ11 – Yo soy 196

This was veeeeery difficult, or maybe just very long or difficult to find on the internet. I knew something about how to do this beacuse I went to Ken’s office, but also with the help of my classmates. It was… Continue Reading →

Yo Soy 196

#WSQ11-Yo soy 196

This WSQ has been the toughest one, it was really difficult for me to do this assignment. First I had kind of the idea of the program, but it didn’t work so I went to Ken’s office to help me, he told me to make an algorithm and I did it, I tried to run […]


Photo credit: https://flic.kr/p/zEfZuf Hola que tal, este es mi código, tuve muchos problemas y me surgieron dudas. https://github.com/BrayanGc/Codigos/blob/master/Yosoy196.cpp

WSQ11 – Yo Soy 196

(The credit of the image goes to https://flic.kr/p/oQTj54) It was really hard. I don’t want to describe it.  However, if you first watch Ken’s video about Big Integer and then look for help on the Internet, you would be able to do it! Before trying to do the code, please watch the next video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHZYtOhFAZs  (Thanks […]

Yo Soy 196

I have problems doing this, but I think about and this is the code: https://github.com/juanmele/wsq11.git

What should you work on?

Week #12 and more partial exams for you.

For this week's readings:
C++ (TC1017) should either be looking at support for your project, ImageMagick C++ libraries are a good start.
Python (TC1014) should be finishing chapter 11 (Dictionaries).