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Mastery 27

Here is my Mastery27 video where I talk about the dictionaries in Python.


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Mastery 04

This is the video for the mastery04, quite easy once you understand the page, I had some problems with it at the beginning but asked a friend for help.


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Here is my factorial code. Asked for a friend for making the question of repeating the code, that was my only problem, followed what I learned from Loops in the class.


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Here is my mastery26 video, I hope you find it usefull and don’t give you another doubt xD. Anyway…


WSQ 15 – Final Dash

Well, the course is actually over, since the date of the upload of this WSQ to this time, I have been working in my masteries, some quizes (I wasn’t able to upload some of them), studying for the exam and so… I really enjoyed this course because it was different form any course I’ve taken so far, this actually is a much better way of learning because they doesn’t push you to learn, instead you are learning your way and it works much better.

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Just did my mastery25 video.


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Mastery 24

Here is my video for the mastery24.


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Mastery 23

Just recoded the Video for the mastery 23 where I explain how to create a list in python.


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Mastery 22

This is the video for the mastery 22 where I explain when to use each type of loop in your program.


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Mastery 18

Just finished the mastery18 video, it’s basically what I said in the video. Hope you enjoy it.


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