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Mastery 16

Just did the mastery 16, quite easy to understand, you just need a little bit of logic.


1014 16

Mastery 14

I just did the Mastery 14 video, which is the creation of a module and importing into a code.


14 1014

Mastery 13

Recorded the mastery14 video, quite simple.


1014 13

The Zen of Python

Just did the mastery 08 which is an easteregg in python, quite interesting the way the creator describes it and kinda funny.


1014 08


Just did the mastery 02, quite easy once done a code.


02 1014



I just did my ECOA evaluation for teachers.

It is important to do it because we should give them feedback for improvement so I’m telling everyone to do it.

Bonus Point #BONUS

I recorded a video where I explain how to be successful in Ken’s course, so I hope it’s fine to you. 


Babylonian method #WSQ13 #TC1014

Finished the WSQ13.

For this WSQ I had to borrow some help from wikipedia to understand the Babylonian method.


Greatest Common Divisor #WSQ12 #TC1014

Finished the WSQ12.

Pretty easy though, not a single problem and it ran at the first try.