How to install nurses on a Mac

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Hey guys, It’s me again. This time I didn’t specifically come to show you how to make a program. I know lots of you guys are going to make a game for the project in Ken’s class. Well if you have a mac then you will need a library called “ncurses” so you can move the cursor around the screen. That’s what this blog is for. The link for the code you have to copy on your terminal to get ncurses is this one: ncurses. And in my tutorial I also showed some code on how to print stuff in different parts of the screen(with coordinates). Well the guy on youtube that taught me how to do that is this one:

Be sure to check out his other videos, they are pretty good. He even has a tutorial on how to make the snake game in c++ using ncurses. And last but not least, here is my code. I know it’s very simple but whatever here it is: Move.cpp

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