What I’ll do this week (April 23)

--Originally published at Hermes's Blog

This week I plan to finish the test and have at least 70% of the api code covered. We already have all signup, login, profile and delete account functionality tested and passing. I tried to include the tests in the travis-ci build but it seems to have problems with the neo4j service, neo4j is throwing this error:

Uncaught error when processing result: Neo4jError: 140223444313984:error:140770FC:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:unknown protocol:../deps/openssl/openssl/ssl/s23_clnt.c:827

And I just don’t know why, should I just remove the https code when the code is being executed in travis? Maybe it’s because it does not find the key and certificate, but I don’t see why that would be the case, I’ll try again anyway.

What I did this week (April 16)

--Originally published at Hermes's Blog

This week I started helping with the testing. I solved the issues that they were facing with the cookie. Marco is creating the web application and, when he was developing, found some bugs in the api, these are already fixed. Marco (and someone else that I’m not aware of, I guess) integrated the firebase chat to the app. That’s nice, altough it’s kind of ugly, but hey, it works.

We know we may have some security issues, in the chat and some parts of the api, but no can do, we are aware of that and will not fix it, we have to finish the things that we need to present in the demo.

Week 12 (1): Internationalized

--Originally published at Ce qui est chouette

This week me and Miguel worked with internationalization of the game, Miguel worked on the different string for the levels, a general way of handling them, and I did the selecting of the language from a querystring in the URL, and loading the strings that would be shown in the menu. With this features done, we’re just going to be designing and testing new levels.

– Worldwide Guy

Week 11 (1): Now we have some sounds.

--Originally published at Ce qui est chouette

I’ve recruited some voice actors, those being my classmates, and asked them to perform questionable sounds. Using a globally defined object, SOUNDS, I load the soundfiles and play them whenever they are needed. As of now we have the following sounds: background musicjumpbounce off surfacefiring a projectile, and killing an enemy.

Week 11 (1): Now we have some sounds.
Swans @ Black Cat by Erin M on Flickr under a CC License.

Next week I’ll be adding more sounds.

– Still the sound guy.