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Flexibility or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance

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I guess you're thinking OMG she watched Birdman! No, I haven't. Makes me feel like a bad mexican though because of all this Oscars whiplash about a mexican wining three Oscars and all that.
The truth is I found the title fancy. And since I'm doing this assignment late, I needed something for you guys to get my atention.
Last week was all about flexibility. Not just because I'm in this course but because of everything that happened to me personally and professionally.

First, as I was wondering how much is too much in terms of being flexible with students, I got this email:

So I answered:

Flexibility or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance

You know what? Flexibility is important. Is the most important thing to keep sane human interaction. Take for example marriage.  

But we live in Mexico and Mexico has serious problems. Most of them caused by people not wanting to follow rules, laws, creating chaos and disorder and walking a painful path towards anarchy.   I'm not saying I love the rules, I'm just saying in order to get a chance to break them, you have to follow them, you have to at least know what's like to follow the rule, then as a respectable person, say why you don't like it and speak up so it can be changed.   But it is a common belief in our country that the coolest person around is the want that gets away with something without following the rule. And I think that isn't good.

So here in my country we certainly need a flexible environment, yes.  We need to treat each individual with empathy and compassion so he is open to learn what you are going to teach and because we're in a world compassion crisis and us teachers need to preach with the example. But we have the need to teach that rules are important.

So flexible environment yes. Breaking the rules no.

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