My Overall Experience at iTecGDA

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After a few weeks from the last day of my Semana i Course, iTec, I can say that it was interesting the way internet and our presence on it was explained to us. Nowadays, being present on the internet isn’t an option whether we want or not and the option here is deciding how do we want to be present on it. Each one of us is the owner of what we think and what we experience, but when we let these thoughts go online, everyone will be capable of knowing that stuff about us and that ownership might not be there anymore.

At the iTec course, we were thought many concepts of how to be present in the way we would like to be, and this ended up with the development of an individual blog where we could express ourselves as we would prefer. This was where each one of those tips or concepts were stablished since we were blogging about what we wanted to be shown from us to the world and with this, our digital identity would more likely be as we would want it to be.

It was really nice knowing that @daveowhite liked my tweet on my #VandR tweet as well as @Autumm, but also @sundilu who liked the way I use my iPad. This tweet showed my personal diagram on how I interact with the different platforms.

Overall, my experience at the iTec course was enriching, since I realized that my presence at the internet depends a lot on what I want it to be.

Case or Skin?

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When talking about protecting our devices, there is a huge inconvenient if we want full protection: aesthetics. Apple products are created with profound care on the way they look and the ending result of this is a beautiful tech piece. The problem is maintaining it intact. Dropping it or getting scratches is easier than what you would even imagine and today I’ll suggest 2 options for you to protect your device but also keep it looking good, as Apple intended to.

First, for those who like the slim feel of their iPhones but would like to add some grip and a little bit of protection, then skins might be the right option for you. cfSkins do protect the iPhone from getting scratches but won’t avoid dents if the phone experiences drops or something like so. Also, buying a skin might make you save some money since most of the times these retail for around $10 to $20 USD and they likely come in 2-Pack options. There are tons of wcb.pngsites that offer cool skins for you and there are a lot of designs or patterns. Some of the sites I would recommend for getting these type of skins are:

dbrand / iCarbons / Slikwraps

Another option for those who prefer protecting their phone at a higher level, the solution is getting a case. The problem when getting a case is that most of the time, the design of the phone itself is sacrificed by putting a case on it since case manufacturers mostly focus on their design and not on the iPhone’s design itself.

Although there are also cases that still let the iPhone show its design,  getting a case iphone-7-plus-silicone-case-colors-imagemade by Apple is one of the best options I would recommend. Apple cases aren’t cheap but you’ll pay for what you get. There are 2 offered materials in their lineup: Silicone or Leather cases. The silicone cases retail for $35 USD for 4.7” iPhone models  and $39 USD for the 5.5” iPhone models with 9 different colors for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. These cases offer protection and also maintain what Apple intended when designing the iPhone: seamless design.
iPhone-7-Plus-Silicone-Case-Colors-Image.pngFor the leather cases, price tag is a little bit higher for these natural, high quality leather cases. These retail for $45 and $50 USD and there are 7 color options offered including a Product RED option. These have a more premium feel and rock some metal buttons that work just as you would expect on your iPhone without a case and they give a nice look by combining leather with aluminum.

Apple Cases

It’s now time for you to decide whether you prefer having a much slimmer device and get a skin for it or maybe a case will fit your style and day activities much better.

Best iOS Useful Apps!

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Having any Apple product has already given you extra value and taking advantage of its capabilities is what really matters. What’s interesting here is how you use your device, how well you exploit its full potential. I’ll share with you my top 4 iPad and iPhone apps that are useful in day-to-day life.

docs-02First and without any specific order, I’d like to talk about Documents 5 by Readdle. This app will let you sync your cloud accounts including iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or OneDrive all in a single place. As its name states, Documents is a truly intuitive app that lets you store any type of document. This is useful for those who like order and having everything in one place with full synchronization. This app is totally free and is available for all Apple mobile devices rocking iOS 8.0 or a newer version.

Download Documents 5

The second app that I find useful is related to note-taking. Notability is my personal favorite note-taking app that I use throughout my days as a college student. It’s an interactive app that lets you create your own notebooks and store them into folders as you notability icon-01.pngwish. It also lets you import other documents into it in order to edit them and maybe complete them with this useful tool. For those who use the Apple Pencil with their iPad Pro, the way it joins the pencil’s technology with their app ends up with a perfect result: beautiful handwritten notes (depending on your handwriting skills of course!). This app does cost but its worth the money. I made this short demo on how to create 100% straight lines for those who’d like to take advantage of this tool.

giphyBesides this, there are a ton of features that can be used when having Notability. There is also a Mac app for those who’d like to have all their notes and documents in their Mac.

Download Notability


Now, lets take a look at a password manager. Nowadays we have an account for almost everything involved with security or our identity online. Sometimes it’s hard to remember watch-on-wrist-1030x510each password you’ve created and what email you used for it, unless it’s the same, although I bet most of the times it won’t. 1Pasword is one 1p5-mac-iconof the most popular apps out there to manage and sync any kind of private information or passwords, such as account codes and credit card information. This app is available for free but there’s also a Pro version that includes other categories and also an Apple Watch app.

Download 1Password

Lastly, this app is for online shoppers. If you are like me, when buying something online, I Parcel-03.pnglike to track my stuff and have an estimated delivery date. This can be made at the courier’s site but I personally use an app called Parcel. This app wil let you add all your packages’ tracking number and it’ll do the work for you by displaying a nice menu showing you what you’ve added. It has a yearly subscription but it’s worth for constant online shoppers.

Download Parcel

Please be sure to comment below your personal favorite and most useful apps that make your days run easier!

It’s Time For The 7

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Apple unveiled it’s 2016 iPhone model about 3 weeks ago back on September 7th. Since that day, there has been lots of movements regarding this new release and what it brings up for us. Apple presented their all new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models with small img_2247design refinements including an antenna redesign, an all inclusive camera bump, and also 2 new colors; “Black” which replaced the “Space Gray” and an all new high gloss model, “Jet Black”. This gloss finish has brought controversy since it apparently is a fingerprint, but also, and more intrusive, a scratch magnet.

 Besides these design improvements, new features were included like a re-engineered home button which is now a non-click button that uses Apple’s Force Touch Technology in order to simulate a press with a vibration reproduced thanks to their Taptic Engine motor. This new type of button gives you freedom in order to choose the amount of vibration feedback you’d like to receive every time you press the home button.cropped-papers-co-as87-dark-minimal-iphone7-haptic-art-illustration-apple-3840x2400.jpg It takes a tiny amount of time to get used to it but it’s a welcomed change.

A nice improvement also arrived to the cameras. Apple improved both 7 and 7 Plus cameras but the most noticeable upgrade is shown on the bigger model. An inclusion of a papers-co-as85-jet-black-iphone7-dark-minimal-apple-art-illustration-3840x2400second 12 megapixel camera redefines the interaction between this device’s software and hardware ending up with several features exclusive to the iPhone 7 Plus. The main feature included here is a Portrait Mode that lets users take pictures with “bokeh” effects. This is truly an appreciated addition since this effect reproduces in real-time while focusing the object you’d like to picture. The video included below made by the “DetroitBORG” shows exactly how capable this camera is in real time and how it can handle with different subjects on screen. Although this feature already is huge, Apple just published the iOS beta version that includes this feature but it is still at a beta stage.

After almost 2 weeks of daily use of the iPhone 7 Plus, I would say it’s a nice upgrade for those who are back with an iPhone 6 or older. iPhone 6S users might also want to take a look on the new smartphone and decide whether it’s worth the upgrade or not. I specially have tried every iPhone since the 4s and this new Phone is the result of  compound features that work seamlessly.


The Underestimated WATCH

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Since the reveal of Apple’s first wearable back in 2014, there’s been a lot of speculations regarding the Apple Watch questioning whether it’s worth it or not for its price tag. The truth is that as the first of its kind, the watch spread out throughout the world like any other: 12 million Apple Watches were sold by the end of 2015.

After a year of daily use, I consider the Apple Watch as a nice tool to simplify activities that can be simplified. These activities involve checking the time much faster instead of bringing up the phone (which was already possible with a normal watch), taking a look at notifications and deciding rather they’re important and take care of them or leave them for another moment. Even answering phone calls without having to do so from the iPhone itself is a nice improvement.

One of the cool little tweaks that I consider useful is being able to emit a sound on the iPhone in order to find it around the house. Also, not only answering but making a call is as simple as saying “hey Siri call…” and Siri will do that for you without even touching the screen on the watch.
IMG_2227.JPGPeople have asked me weather it’s really worth it or it’s just stupid having a gadget like the Apple Watch and the truth is, the watch is part of my normal day where I receive notifications first on it and afterwards decide whether addressing them at the moment or later. I consider the watch as a personal accessory that works and interacts seamlessly with the iPhone and at those days when I forget to put it on or charge it at night, it feels like something is missing on my wrist and having to look at my phone just for dumb messages is annoying after being able to ignore them when having the watch.

Apple has now victory_cdp-desktop_04introduced a second generation of the watch named the Apple Watch Series 2 including features like waterproofing up to 50 meters, built-in gps and a dual-core processor.

A special edition was also unveiled, showing a peculiar partnership between Apple and the sports brand Nike that ended up with the Apple Watch Nike+. Also, with the release of the Series 2, the original model was polished and is still available for sale with the inclusion of the dual core processor at a cheaper price. The prices vary from $369 up to $1399 in the Series 2 version and for the Series 1, prices start at $269 up to $299 only in the sport versions.

The Apple World

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Since 2011, my daily activities related to technology started to be driven by Apple products. Although my first Apple branded device was the iPod nano 3rd gen, it wasn’t until my aquisition of the origapple-ipad-3-a1416-3rd-generation-1inal iPad that I started to discover the capabilities that were offered by their powerful technologies.

The iPad introduced me to the Apple world where a ton of features and stuff were presented to me for the first time.

The second device that marked up  interaction betweeapple_iphone_4s_tarifagent_01n me and the world in general was the iPhone 4S, my first iPhone. This device made my daily life permanently connected to others through the internet and this made me develop a constant seek for knowledge and new capabilities in the technological area.

Since then, every iPhone release has marked up an evolution step in the ways I’ve interacted with the outside world by developing content and working with the new technologies introduced year by year, making every iPhone release even better than its predecessor.

It’s not about having every Apple product, it’s about having the experience and fully taking the advantages that are offered with them.

This is what I’ll try to do with every post, help you realize how powerful your Apple products are.