Closing thoughts

--Originally published at David M. on Digital Identity.

So #Semanai has ended now.

I found some interesting reading material on the website but regarding the course content, I found it pretty bland, for me I guess. Since high school, I’ve dabbed into the idea of owning your own website. A lot of the content from the course may seem new to non-ISC majors but I knew the 90% course content.

What really got me into forming my own digital identity has been the past year of increasingly Facebook and Twitter censorship and liberal bias.

When you own your content they can’t censor you. When you own your identity, you can’t be shamed into submission.

For me the end goal would be to have a brand, an identity, which is platform-agnostic. If they censor you on Facebook, move to Twitter, if they censor that, move to your own website.

Facebook, Twitter, podcasts, photos, videos, you can be everywhere on the internet.

Like Mike Cernovich from would say, be “too big to ignore”.