Day 2

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Today started with a very very interesting activity. For the assignment we had to cut out words that we thought described us in some way. The words I chose were: improving, flexibility, efficiency, and dynamic. Once chosen, you had to search for something you felt represented the word in some way. Here are the results:














I find my examples self-explanatory, except for the improving one. I chose a tree because they grow over time and they tend to become a better tree, not just bigger.

I found the activity itself to be somewhat engaging. I’m not really a fan of this kind of activities, especially when they don’t feel related to the class. At least this time it was relevant to what we have discussed in class.

Today was full of activities, after finishing with the photos, we had two different groups of people come talk to the class. Fist we talked to Laura Gogia and Lee Skallerup and then to Alan Levine and Amy Burvall. You can find the video here and here.

We were also asked to add a meme or GIF to the blog. I’ll add a simple GIF as all the forced memes I saw on the Facebook group sucked.