Let’s go viral

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ok, ok this blog isn’t really about how to go viral:/ I just wanted to catch your attention haha? . But now that you’re here let me tell you what we learned. The main idea is to get social, not just blogging, YOU CAN GO ANYWHERE AND DO ANYTHING (well not really anything, but you get the point).

So, first thing is first; presence can create opportunity. This time were talked to about our presence on the internet in different medias like: Facebook, twitter, reddit, LMS, Youtube and others that I might have forgotten. They gave us an example of a girl who loved Japanese trends and nobody from her community shared the same interests as her. So she decided to go on the internet and leave her digital tattoo (tattoo, because is more than a digital footprint). She started to become very popular and after some time Japanese companies started sending her things and paid her to make reviews on those things. So this is when the speakers from today showed us how to make these maps. (The one below is my personal one, by the way).

On this map I located all the social medias that I use, depending on what I do on and with them.

In this map, the first thing you should notice is the horizontal axis. On one end we have Resident and on the other end we have Visitor. These define whether your use of a social media is mainly just you doing a task without leaving any trace of yourself (Visitor) or you are participating actively so that other people can see what you are doing, posting and they can react to your actions (Resident). The vertical axis has Personal  and Institutional  on one end each. I think this axis is pretty straight forward, if the social media gets closer to personal than is for personal use and viceversa if it gets closer to the institutional side.

Well ._. ken wanted us to do something that we had never done… and I decided to try out snapchat haha. I’ll post the video below. I really don’t say much, although technically i tried it out. Actually I have a youtube channel where I posted tutorials on how to program in c++, you could go check it out over here.


Just in case you want a more detailed of the talk, here it is:

Alright guys, see you later.