Video production and more

--Originally published at IWeek: Digital Identity

Today was the last day of the IWeek, man time runs fast. We had time to prepare videos, the video sfari of yesterday, for the activity with Diego Zavala. He talked about a story-tell and video productions, where video production was implemented in the universities for the students to develope knowledge with the camera, but it was too linear, difficult to transfer your idea to the technical part and also the students didn’t have the money and/or time to buy and/or learn the technicalities of a camera; that’s why they change to the story-tell. In addition, the length of the videos used to be of 20-25 minimal, now is between 3-7 min maximum.


Story-telling usually is a montage of images or small videos to tell something where you don’t need a good camera, simply with the camera of your cellphone.