who am I? O.o

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depegar einstein energy explorer mundo

These are the photos that I took. for this activity we had to do a photo safari?. Well these photos are supposed to reflect on who I am. The picture on the right is just funny to me because I am a fan of Einstein. The other four really express how I feel, the world is a scary place, but instead of trying to stay away from everything, I think we should learn to embrace that which surrounds us.

Today we had a very interesting talk with Laura Gogia and Lee Skallerup then we had another talk with Amy Burvall and Alan Levine. In the first talk I learned about blogging, what to blog, when to blog and how to blog. A lot of the doubts I had were things like what should I post? What if people don’t don’t like what I read? 163d728f41f5b4e6955a1b4dcabc5fdb82f9e5f3da116fae37e0c9aba560ed27.jpg

There was also a concept of our security when posting personal things like photos of ourselves or our families.


After the talk with Lee and Laura, the things that stayed in my mind were to post whatever I considered important to me, my blog is supposed to be for me, not that much for other people. So this way I shouldn’t worry much about if others like it. When I post something I should first think if it could be potentially dangerous for my security, for example I probably shouldn’t post where I live and the Golden Rule is to not post anything that I wouldn’t want my mom to see. Now sometimes I don’t necessarily want to post something that is for me, maybe I just want to show people what it is that I do and how I do those things. It could be even a blog that teaches other how to make something. This kind of blogging is also good because it creates a reputation of yourself and a good one at that. This is has positive affects on your social life.

Then we had the talk with Alan and Amy. In this part of the day I learned that there are different styles of blogging. For example Amy is a lot more creative while Alan is more focused on the content of the blog. One concern about blogging was if people were going to use the stuff that we upload, for something bad. And well that is why we apply the Golden Rule. We also shouldn’t worry if someone makes money out of what we post. Like Alan said, If someone can make money from the photos that he takes, then good for them. I guess he has a point, I mean we are not going to be affected by it and it feels good to have helped that person. Amy said that when people used her stuff from her blogs she was, at first, bothered by it; but then she said that she learned to live with it. I believe we should do the same. Towards the end of the talk both of us encouraged us to be very active on our blogs and other social media. Here are both talks, just in case you are interested.