An influential lady

--Originally published at Frida Díaz

Maha Bali is an Associated in Professional Practices that is currently living in Egypt. She uses twitter as an educational tool and her blog has the particularity that it shows how long it would take to read every post. Her blogs are usually read in about 5 minutes, but the comments that follow can take longer to read than the post itself. Her daughter plays an important role in her life, and in her Hangouts conversations (she’s adorable).

She disagrees with the ideology that millennials spend too much time on their cell phones instead of socializing due to the reason that it is impossible to know if what they are doing isn´t truly important for them. She believes that technology does not break people apart; on the contrary, it brings them together. There’s a huge amount of introverts around the world that gain confidence whenever the use technology for communication. Face to face communication is overrated, it is not necessarily more important to pay attention to someone in front of you than to someone over the Internet.

Regarding the blogging part, she encourages mentioning others on your blog, as long as you are trying to get the best part of them. She believes posts are not supposed to be so long (no more than 1,000 words) unless you have something more important to say. If the post is too long, you can divide it into steps. Also, she suggests to write a short summary on top of the post if it´s too long.

She suggests being careful whenever you are talking about politics, different cultures and other sensitive topics and always use respectful words. In case of getting in trouble, an apology will never have the same impact as the first post.

Pictures are great for explaining something, but do not overload our post with them. Videos can also be helpful, but the time of the reader should also be considered before using this source. Every source of media has its advantages: video can help express your emotions and transfer them to the viewer, podcasts can be listened everywhere like in the car or while coking, but the post can make the writer appear smarter as they have more time to think and edit what they are posting.

All of this was retrieved from the conversation we had with her last Thursday; also, her blog has realy interesting articles that everyone should read.