Unified Model Language

UML is quite interesting. UML, or Unified Model Language, is way of representing to a certain detail the development of the software of a project. It’s a general purpose, developmental, modeling language. The language is usually represented in diagrams, such as the structural diagram, behavior diagrams, and interaction diagrams.Image result for uml

In the structural diagram the components and classes diagrams are developed. In the components diagram, shows how components used in the development of the software will be wired together. This forms large components or software systems. In the class diagrams, the classes for the objects used in the project are defined. The attributes, and methods of this classes are shown to a certain detail.


In the behavior diagram, it is specify what each piece of the project is supposed to do and how it’s supposed to behave.

Finally, in the interaction diagram, the interaction between every subsystem of the project is specified.

In my opinion UML I kind of cool. I certainly lack the patience to go all out my why to develop this whole intricate thing to make my software implementation look cool though. That’s when UML loses me. It seems to me that it is a nice way to organize your project, however, I think that it has the same downfall as the waterfall method. You can focus too much in the planning and visualization of the project that you can get to the point in which you end up neglecting the implementation of it. So, UML is cool, but don’t dwell on it too much.