Object Oriented and Agile

--Originally published at Newbie Programmer

The Agile software development it’s a set of methods and practices expressed in the Agile Manifesto, this solutions evolve through the collaboration of teams in their context, the manifesto is based in twelve principles, customer satisfaction, welcome changing requirements, software delivery frequently, daily cooperation between people and developers, face to face communication, working software is a measure of progress, sustainable development, attention to technical excellence and good design, simplicity, best architecture, requirements, and design for emerging teams and the teams reflects how to be more effective. One of this type of methods are the Extreme Programming.

The extreme programming it’s an intense methodology that is focused on improving the quality of the code and to adapt to a rapidly change of the customer requirements, as a part of agile software development it has frequent releases and short development cycles to adjust to the new requirements more quickly, in this methodology we can found things like code revision, this is done for avoid programming features that are not needed, this gives the code simplicity and clarity that is moldable for changes, for doing this is a must a frequent communication with the customer and developers, the name was taken from the software practices that are taken at extreme levels.


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