The three “knights” of the Internet

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Come children and listen to this story.

Once there was a kingdom. All kingdoms have something that  makes them special. Some have a fair princess, other brave knights, or others are cursed by an evil witch. What made this kingdom special, was the amount of information it had about the world in it’s huge library. And not just about the world, but of all the people that lived or even visited this place.

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And as in all stories, something bad must happen. Some people say that knowledge is power, and maybe that’s the reason why bad things started happening in the kingdom. Sometimes it were small things that were annoyi, like not finding information, it being in use or reserved always or simply not there because it was taken for long periods of time. Some other times the information was overwritten, making people believe things that were not true and causing confusion. And sometimes, the information was made to extorsion or hurt them.

Trying to act quickly to prevent the chaos, the king called forward three knights to protect information: Cooney, Inbern and Avery. The first knight, would safeguard the personal information of the kingdom’s citizen’s and the travelers, so it wouldn’t be used with bad purposes again, by making only authorized people able to look at this info. The second, Inbern, was assigned to check and protect the books in the way that no one without the ones with the permissions to do so could change their content. And last but not least, Avery was assigned to make public data available, managing it and preventing it’s loss.

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