Final Exam

During this course I have learned a variety of things, during this last two partials I learned a lot of things that only the experience can teach you, one of them are the importance of making a list of contacts and be connected to people, this is one of my weaknesses because I like to do almost everything alone and I don’t have experience in working on teams, I think one of the principal reasons I don’t like to work in teams is because I have to spend a lot of time making sure everyone knows what they have to do and in occasions the members of the team disappear and I have to make everything alone with the time remaining instead of doing it alone from the beginning.

Another thing I learned is the importance of starting working during the career and not just wait until I finish my studies, this because first it helps to know what I want to do while at the same time I gain experience and it can help in the future to get a job or to solve problems I already had in last works.

Talking a little about the peculiarity of this semester of the transition of taking classes physically to take classes online was very challenging for some students and schools, that’s because in my opinion people in Mexico are used to work face-to-face with others and they get distracted easily if they work from home, but that instead of see it like a problem you can see it as a challenge because you should perform the same and have to control yourself doesn’t matter where you are.

In my case the Covid-19 is a challenge in terms of economy because all the income we have now was very reduced thanks to the social distancing to prevent health problems, but thanks to that now we are looking for different ways of selling and other ways of communicate with our clients in a more efficient way thanks to the use of new technologies. In the case of other people I have heard of how many small business in Mexico are closing thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic and this is bad for all of us because the small business are a big part of the economy in Mexico so now we have to face this crisis and renovate our business.

In the part of what I think the world of business will change thanks to the coronavirus is first of all, the improvement of mechanism to work from home in a lot of companies, that’s because if something similar happens the impact will be less harmful than the first time, because they already have all the structure to achieve it, then some other small business will have implemented e-commerce in their business because sells online are going to become the new tendency in my opinion.