Week 10 – Pre Mortem

--Originally published at TC3045 – Sagnelli's blog


This week we have a deliverable on Friday. We need to show some advancements on our project, which I believe we already have so far. I hope to finish the word cloud functionality, and to begin integrating everything. To do this, we need to delete stop words from our analyzed data. Finally, we need to use a library that uses word, and word count.

Stay tuned, for the post mortem advancements.

Week 8 Post-Mortem

--Originally published at TC3045 – Sagnelli's blog


This week I said I was going to work on eliminating stop words with Alfonso; however, I didn’t quite ended up doing that. What I did, was optimizing the code, to avoid repeating code. Henceforth, the code used for opening and reading a file into an array was made a static method accessible by all micro-services. This is a good practice to stop repeating unecessary lines of code.

Next week we will be having an intense work on Taller Vertical. I’ll update what I’ve done on the Taller Vertical, but I won’t be working on this project next week.


Week 8 – Pre Mortem

--Originally published at TC3045 – Sagnelli's blog

Howdy partners,

It’s me again with another update on what we will be working this week. Last week, I worked on mining all tweets from an account on Twitter. This week, I will be polishing what I did last week, and I will be working with Alfonso on eliminating the stop words of a tweet. Stop words are empty words that are filtered out from natural language processing, such as: the, is, at, which, and on.

By doing this, we will be able to create a more accurate words map without having a lot of concurrences of stop words and focusing just on the information that matters.

Stay tuned for the advancement of this week on the post mortem blog post.