Postmortem No. 14

--Originally published at TC3045 – Software Quality – Building Software

This is not only the conclusion to this week but also to the semester. During this three months I learnt the following:

  • Motivation is the key to success, but too much motivation is risky: it might end up in a total lack of interest.
  • Estimating is hard.
  • Individual works are faster, but when the person working on this task is not available, things can turn bad. Therefore, people redundancy on tasks is required.
  • Unit tests are as important as integration tests.
  • Versioning software is extremely helpful.
  • Demos may go wrong: always have a local (and even mock) version.
  • Saying “no” is ok.

Postmortem No. 12

--Originally published at TC3045 – Software Quality – Building Software

A couple of days before our demo, we had a small problem with the HTTPS in the broker: something really weird happened with the certificates. Since we had no time to fix it before the demo, we had to do a rollback on the server. Fortunately, the Docker image was versioned correctly and the change required was only a modification in the Kubernetes YAML file. Other than this, our demo was good.