Week 15 – Post Mortem – Last blog

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This is the final entry for this course. Life is finally clearing out; the video for this course’s project is already delivered, and we are expecting until Wednesday to expose our project in Expo Ingenierias. Also, all my homeworks are already done. Finally, the light at the end of the tunnel is finally visible for my projects; a little bit blurry, but there it is.

I am really happy with this semester because I feel that I learned a lot, and I improved my knowledge, and skills as a Software Engineer. Quality and Testing course really helped me refine my coding phase by implementing the testing phase at the same time. Finally, the dynamics of the class were really interesting, as I think projects are way better than exams for learning. While doing a same project since the beginning of the course, it didn’t feel that stressful, and it helped us learn better.

Best regards,

Week 15: Pre Mortem

--Originally published at TC3045 – Sagnelli's blog

Some people say that time is money; however, I think that time is success.

The bad news is, time is running out. Teachers are actually being disrespectful and dropping more, and more homeworks while their projects are due in less than two weeks. Not much has changed from the previous blog post, but I am actually using this blog post as a stress reliever. Let’s hope my cards under my sleeve don’t run out.

Stay tuned for the next blog post, to see how this week developed.

Week 13 – Post Mortem

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This week we finished the back end part of the project. The analysis is finished, and it was accomplished using the indico library for sentiment analysis. Also, the elimination of stop words concluded almost perfectly, and the word cloud functionality has been finished. The analysis functionality is finished.

Next step is to implement our backend functionality with our frontend design. But, for this course, backend was our only scope. The frontend part is going to be covered by 2 of our teammates for another course.

Week 13: Pre Mortem

--Originally published at TC3045 – Sagnelli's blog

This week we need to talk about what is missing from the scope of the project. We need to focus on those aspects to accomplish what we planned from the beginning. Furthermore, this week is going to be all about planning our next moves. Planning what is missing, who is working on it, and who is testing it.

Don’t worry, the project is developing excellent, almost everything is covered up, but we might be missing some key features that make our project an accomplishment.

Stay tuned for the development of this planning week.

Week 12 – Post Mortem

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This week we had our meeting with our counselor on the project, and we had an excellent feedback from him. I guess our project is on the final stretch, and we must focus on some minor improvements, and on the final QA part.

For this section of our project, I guess we are focusing in the Front End part of the project, and continuing our testing for fixing minor bugs.

Stay tuned for further developments on the project.

Week 12 – Pre Mortem

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Coming back from holy week holidays, and I really need a second week off. However, it is time to return to our duties, and continue with this development. We are only a month away from finishing this course.

Last thing we were focusing on was the front end part of the app. This is the second phase of the project so to speak. We will be focusing on applying the sentiment analysis to show charts on the frontend, also to apply the backend to build the graphic word cloud, and give proper information, and direction on which candidate is leading the poll.

Stay tuned!

Week 11 – PostMortem

--Originally published at TC3045 – Sagnelli's blog

Holy week is here, and I won’t be relaxing that much. I am preparing for a job interview. I will be focusing on working on my data structures, algorithms, and databases skills for the interview. I won’t be working on this project, so I won’t be blogging in Holy week.

On the other hand, this week we had our sprint presentation. We could say that the backend part of the application is almost finished. We must focus now on the frontend part of it.

Stay tuned, and see you on Easter week.

Week 11 – Pre Mortem

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This is the week where the sprint presentation is going to be upheld. On Tuesday will demonstrate our advancements on the functionality of our project so far. Next steps of the project are to be determined, but are mostly related to front-end integration with what we already have.

Stay tuned for the results of this week.

Week 10 Post-Mortem

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This week I saw some great advancements on our project. Alfonso, and I finished styling the code for the words counting functionality of the word cloud. The graphic stuff is going to be developed in the front-end; however, the basic functionality of distinguishing which words are most frequently used by candidates is already done. We used a library from Python named Counter to do this. The current output of our word cloud program is a list of words with their respective number of appearances.

This is what we are going to present on the sprint presentation on Tuesday because on Friday the classrooms where occupied, so the presentation was moved.

Be sure to hear of what the next steps are going to be.

Week 10 – Pre Mortem

--Originally published at TC3045 – Sagnelli's blog


This week we have a deliverable on Friday. We need to show some advancements on our project, which I believe we already have so far. I hope to finish the word cloud functionality, and to begin integrating everything. To do this, we need to delete stop words from our analyzed data. Finally, we need to use a library that uses word, and word count.

Stay tuned, for the post mortem advancements.