Home Office

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Nowadays with the pandemic of COVID-19 the life of most of the people have changed, for students it become kind of easy is just staying in home and assist to online classes, maybe is harder to keep focus or do all the work in home. However, the big problem begins when you have a job.

With the situation that we live every government recommends stay in home for the own security. Nonetheless, the economy and life keeps going and people must find a way to maintain their job and incomes.

Home office arrived as a good alternative to hold up the work avoiding contact with people. Working in home at first is kind of hard, is a challenge to do everything through screen and discover how to feel comfortable and not be distracted in your home.

This is a privilege that not everybody can enjoy, not all the works are suitable for it.

For managers change all the dynamic, due most of them use to supervise the work passing to the office of an employee or face to face talk about the advance, but being behind a screen depends on trust. For some jobs is easy to keep the record of the work done, you can have the files and reports, but for others it become hard to know if the employee is really doing his job, everything depends on trust and control.

There are a lot of tools for this remote work like zoom, where you can have virtual meetings with your partners and also if you need to have a private conversation with one employee you can do it directly without problems.

Some software companies have used long ago this model and they share that the basis is the trust of the employee. Besides they share that a Continue reading "Home Office"

More for less

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Is amazing the way finance work in the industry and big companies, how this can make every decision in a project as long as money can be saved.

In the chapter 11 of The Deadline I learn how the thing that makes a company move is the money and most of the decisions made it at the end depend directly on how the finance of the project were or if the boss decide to cut the budget.

Once a professor at college told me: when you are the head of the project, you must always require more(money, time, resources) that you need, because at the end the person above you would try to cut cost to be more efficient, besides, you must always have a plan B to proceed if the things have to change drastically.

Is not easy to be a manager and less when everyday cost a quarter million dollars, for this reason you should be surrounded by people that can help you to continue the project no matter the adversities, because they will come and you must be prepare.

Finance and Politics are the most difficult part of any project.

Hunches and gut

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Normally when we find ourselves taking the lead in a project most of the decisions made it are based in our hunches and gut feeling, in other words, experience of how things use to work for us. Occasionally they are good and others result to be pretty bad.

Sometimes, when a person use to take good decisions people think, that person have really good hunches. However, the reality is he has a good model of how things work and are affected by different variables and can make calculations of how things will end and what would be necessary to achieve the goal.

But if in your case your hunches are not good at all or you want to improve it to get more effective decisions, you can make it happen developing your model on paper or in a software, where you can visualize what variables you are using, which ones are missing and which ones you do not need. With this action you can realize about how you were doing things wrong and how to improve, this is really importan in big projects to make a good decision and not end up regretting.

In this way, if you put attention on the most important aspects of a process you can be a step ahead and make the good choices and the good moments.

Seize the day

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Is amazing the way you can learn crucial knowledge about management that you only would be able to learn trough years of experience in a short talk with a senior manager.

In the last chapters I just read, could discover how relevant a good advice at a good time from someone who just have the same problem before could be to improve your work.

Through the lecture Mr. T highlighted some points of two different experts that are important to take care while your project are in development.

From the first one he stand out that prevent risk is one of the most important tasks to improve the development, even more that try to be more efficient in the success. However. to archive this goal you need to take some action, like create an environment where people can communicate possible risks or failures, through an anonymous channel or through a spokesperson, because it is the only way to prevent it on time.

The last one spoke more about how important is to not waste time and make every day count, this means do not waste your time on failures and if you see something that is going to fail cut ti out and the moment and keep going forward, a day lost at the beginning is as painful as a day lost at the end. Besides, he touches on the importance of keep together a good team, if you find a group that work great keep them together, it would make thing easier.

Basically, talks you about being all the time a step forward to know exactly how to solve the problems.