“You don’t accomplish anything by standing in front of a train” – Chapter 11

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I love being at peace the most.

With ongoing projects following their track, things being taken care of, enjoying the early results of good work. And even more if I reflect about this surrounded by nature?

Who doesn’t enjoy a peaceful walk in the park? A quick stroll perhaps?


That’s how this chapter started. Right in the middle of a peaceful reflection and tasting success as it develops.

Then sh*t got LIT.

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After Mr. T was at peace with the decisions made, he encountered a mysterious and nasty figure in his office. Turns out NNL and Hoolihan are in a business trip in the USA, and all that’s left to “run” the country is Minister Allair Belok, NNL’s emissary.

He discusses (and by discuss I mean yells and gives a stupid monolog with a horrendous agenda) with Mr. T the deadline he set for all the projects to be delivered. It appears Belok will cut it in almost half and will dismember without care the 18 teams Mr. T formed just to unify them under one humongous team for each of the 6 projects and dismantle the Project Management Laboratory. Mr. T rage intensifies with each word Belok says, but ultimately agrees to his demands (in order to keep his head in place).

After that, Mr. T discusses with his star team their chances of keeping the lab running AND keeping his head on place while doing so.

With that conversation, one of the most important lessons of work-related content that I’ve learned arose:

“If you’re not willing to put your job on the line, your job is not worth having”

Mr. T said.

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