Deadline, Chapter 15

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This chapter begins with Tompkins meeting with my favourite character, Belok, and by favourite I mean least favourite. He does the usual Belok things and is super strict and assigns Tompkins even more work. He is supposed to help the airport deal with the 2000 olympics, asi if the impossible software projects weren’t enough. He also complains about the workers not doing enough overtime and that Tompkins needed to apply more pressure to the workers. Belok doesn’t have to be such a meanie, he doesn’t realize that his suggestions are not working, in fact they are probably doing exactly the opposite of working.

Tompkins and the team decide to analyze the effects of pressure on the time to deliver a project, they even used old projects with the help of Waldo. Belok’s model was that as you put more pressure you reduce the time to deliver. Before Waldo arrived, Belinda drew her own model of what she expected. The model told them that a bit of pressure will reduce the time to deliver, but more than that and the time to deliver would actually increase. They mention that short bursts of pressure can work really well, while long-term pressure doesn’t which aligns with what I found online. Small amounts of pressure can increase your momentum, but with more pressure the momentum is reduced, employees are immobilized by the stress and can have fear of taking one wrong step, which leads to no steps being taken at all.

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When Waldo came back with the results it choked everyone that pressure will only lead at most to a 6% productivity increase. This is small compared with the 25% that Belinda had speculated. An even more surprising fact that they found was overtime hours do not decrease the time to deliver. Continue reading "Deadline, Chapter 15"

Chapter 15 – Deadline, not a pleasant view

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This week we continue with our review on the 15th chapter of deadline and how this keep talking about productivity, is amazing how they can keep on one pint, it must be very important that thing called 'productivity', well how do they manage to do it?, or how does today's teams do it?, keep reading... Continue Reading →

Chapter 15 reflection

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Chapter 15: Think Fast

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Kenoros’s letter had bought him a few weeks of respite, but then at the end of August, Mr. T. was summoned again. Mr. T. wandered past the office suite occupied by NNL, hoping that Himself might be back in town. He figured he had a few markers to call in with NNL, maybe enough to have Belok refocused onto some other poor soul somewhere. The NNL will return on June 1. Belok’s receptionist led Mr. T. back though several ornate rooms to the minister’s secretary.

Mr. Belok was waiting for Mr. T. to tell him that everything he was doing was costing a lot, since every year he spent $ 31.5 million and Belok did not see anything clear, because everything seemed that the products were not going to come out in the specified time and that Belok did not like. Belok says this to Mr. T. “It would be a bad day for you if you had to stay here and tell me that you weren’t going to make the first June delivery for all six products.”.

Mr. T. began to tell them the times of the products, apparently everyone could finish on date and form, but PShop was the only one that was not going to be on time that had a remnant of Six hundred measly hours of overtime scheduled project. That works out to barely ten hours of overtime per person on that project for a whole month.

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The Olympic Games are leading international sporting events featuring summer and winter sports competitions in which thousands of athletes from around the world participate in a variety of competitions. NNL stopped in at Olympic headquarters in between his other projects and Continue reading "Chapter 15 reflection"