Deadline, Chapter 16

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Tompkins is now struggling with the air traffic control project in addition to the original 6 projects. Tompkins is relieved when some specs for existing radio systems are given to them hoping that they will aid in the making of their own radio system. Even as more work keeps piling up they stay positive and aim to do all of it.

“”We take on too much,” the voice said, “because we are terrified of too little.””

Meanwhile, Tompkins is informed that a manager for the PMill A team has been very strict lately. He goes to check on him. There, he meets with the product manager. Tompkins finds out that the reason why the manager is angry is probably because of the way Belok acts. Belok must have a reason for being this way, he isn’t doing any good by giving orders. Anyways, this goes to show how an aggressive boss can lead to an aggressive manager. The anger flows through the hierarchy. Also, while reading this part I came across the terms project manager and product manager, these are terms that I had heard before and I knew were different but I never gave it much thought. I looked into it and found that a product manager does things like talking to customers to find their insights and setting business objectives, while a project manager does resource planning and risk management.

Tompkins decides to read the radio system spec sheet and doesn’t really understand anything. He talks about it to the others, but he kind of pretends that he knows what it’s talking about, he just needs more time to read it. Belinda makes him admit that he didn’t understand a thing. They come to a conclusion that the spec doesn’t really specify, which is its main purpose. Continue reading "Deadline, Chapter 16"

Chapter 16 reflection

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Mr. T. arrives at the office, I found a huge pile of documentation in black, loose-leaf notebooks waiting for him. On the huge pile of documents was an accompanying note on the engraved stationery of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, that says: “I had Hoolihan steal this from the States. With a head start like this, there will be no excuse for missing the summer year 2000 deadline.”. Also was Kenoros that was waiting for him. He had one of the black notebooks open on his lap. He look to the notwbook and see specifications from the FAA NASPlan contracts. He think that all of those projects ended up in litigation. Then he think that if Belok really wanted to help us, he might have stolen the specs from the French system, or even the Spanish system.

Mr. T. began scooping them up and loadmg them into Aristotle’s outstretched arms, and then into his own until there was only one notebook left. Kenoros voice came out muffled fiom behind the pile of black notebooks. “We take on too much,” the voice said, “because we are terrified of too little.” Osmun Gradish was still pleasant-seeming and still soft spoken. Mr. T. invited himself to sit in on the weekly staff meeting for the PMill-A project. Also present was the PMill product manager, Melissa Alber, Gradish’s boss.

Mr. T. shook his head and say “Our response to having the A-Teams overstaffed and overpressured was to set up B- and C-Teams. Now, when I’m feeling down at all, I just stop by Notate-C or PShop-C or Quickerstill-B or almost any of the others.”. webster say that the All projects are sacrificial pawns. But we shouldn’t think Continue reading "Chapter 16 reflection"