Chapters 17, 18 and Interlude Reflection

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Chapter 17: The Guru of Conflict Resolution

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Mr. T was telling the to dream team that they don’t know about conflict resolution, but he did not say it for only them, but for all those who were involved in all industries, he told them that they had skills as system design, system implementation, documentation, testing, quality, etc. Conflict is everywhere in our business. For example, they can’t install a system of any magnitude without encouraging conflicts. For example me as a student, the problems are everywhere, when I work with my team of mobile devices, we always have merge conflict because the version of android studio and I understand that in this business there is a lot of conflicts with clients, teams, implementations, testing, etc.

Mr.T starts to say that he suggests that they set out to become experts on conflict resolution. At the very least, we need to find a good book on the subject, or a seminar, or a consultant to guide us. Mr. T wants someone that helps them in conflict resolution. They propose Maestro Diyeniar, he was a programmer in one of the teams, and when Mr. T add him to that team all the problems gone away.

But Mr. T did not trust him for some reason, they think who would be the best Guru of Conflict Resolution in our field, after a long moment, Aristotle spoke up to say that there is a guy, he doesn’t remember his nade , but this guy is the expert on conflict resolution for systems projects and this guy is Dr. Larry Boheme.

Mr. T went to meet Dr. Boheme’s, he traveled to London just to be able to meet him and talk with everything that was happening to help him improve,

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