DEADLINE, chapters 6 & 7. It feels like this woman fell from heaven.

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Mr. T starts chapter 6 in a tough situation. Not only is he afraid of how many people he’ll have reporting to him, but he also must choose each one of them. At least, eighteen, according to his calculations. How is he supposed to start deciding among 200-ish software managers? Well, Mr. Tompkins uses his secret weapon, a hidden ability that has been in his possession since his early years…the art of procrastination.

“Lazy Like a Sunday Morning” flickr photo by andymiccone shared into the public domain using (CC0)

To avoid facing the work he had pending, he started reading a book called Structural Cybernetic Management that Lahksa had given him. After a while, Waldo started a conversation which eventually led Mr. T to realize that he needed somebody to help him make decisions, to which Waldo suggested the person who was originally chosen to take Mr. T’s position: Belinda Binda.

After reading her resume and hearing about her from Lahksa, Mr. Tompkins was 100% positive that she would make for a great consultant, even if she was a bag lady living by the docks. He headed out to look for her and once she was found, they had a weird first conversation.

In a few words, they both agreed that the book Mr. T was reading didn’t seem to understand what management is about, to which Binda began to explain the essential “body parts” of a good manager. After a long conversation, Mr. T asked Belinda to work for him and she took the offer.

The body parts Binda mentioned were:

Deadline part VI and VII

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The following review and analysis of the book Deadline are mainly about management, and not in general, specifically on teamwork's who want to get the project and te best relationship between them. When Mr T has to make his team work and worth, the reall hard task come into his mind, that is when he... Continue Reading →

The deadline 6 and 7, but ITS A SONG!

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Hello fellow readers of my blog,

This time I wanted to try something different to reflect the most important ideas on chapters 6 and 7 of The Deadline, by Tom De Marco. I made a song about it. No more needed to say.

The deadline by Tom De Marco 6, 7

If you have trouble viewing the player, check out the song here:




Listen up here’s the deal for the chapter six
Tomkins learns about making a good community
Big surprise, a plot twist, Belinda’s added to the mix
A pro manager that retired, what an opportunity

He meets her, then they talk, he asks her advice
Belinda has a secret set of rules for managing
Trust your gut, lead with heart, smell that bullshit on the rise
Build a soul within the team that you are handling

Mr Tompkins and Belinda, Belinda
Best managers in Morovia, Morovia
Mr Tompkins and Belinda, Belinda
Best managers in Morovia, Morovia

¿Did you think I was done? Chapter seven here we go
T and B are searching for new managers in the nation
Analyze each profile, interviews they undergo
They hire five new guys and on the way find good information

Mr Tompkins and Belinda, Belinda
Best managers in Morovia, Morovia
Mr Tompkins and Belinda, Belinda
Best managers in Morovia, Morovia

Managers must track all the info surrounding them
To make strategies and end the war before even begins
Listen more than you speak, ask for pointers with the staff
Make first project easy, next one increase people in their charts

Mr Tompkins and Belinda, Belinda
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Deadline, Chapters 6 & 7

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  • “Was he up to it?”

That is a question we have all asked ourselves, life isn’t a movie where dreams come true after the struggle, failure is always a possibility and that is something we gotta have respect for, but the biggest failure in life is being afraid of failure itself. So as Tom does in the book, he didn’t answer that question with words, he kept going until he gets an answer by trying, and so should we.

“It’s your heart that people respond to.
They don’t follow you because you’re clever
or because you’re always right,
but because they love you.”

That I believe is the biggest difference between being a leader and a boss, of course you can motivate people for what they will receive, but to welcome them as a part of your team and get them to share the same motivations as you will get you the most motivated people you can find, because they won’t just worry for themselves, they will care about everyone around them that has the same goal.

“Community doesn’t come from our towns anymore. But the need for community is still in us. For most of us, the best chance of a community is at work.”

Many people find that as a problem, and I think it is too, getting to know your neighbors is something I have barely experienced in my life, and there isn’t an old person that hasn’t told me how different it is now. But this opens a huge opportunity, now work is where people find a sense of belonging, and with that a sense of purpose and motivation comes in. Which is why many companies like Google and Cisco put lots of efforts to make the work environment feel the most comfortable.

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