Formula for success

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Money is not the key. This is the mistake that most of the business use to make and is the why they end in a failure, of course capital is the fuel of any business but is not the engine.

When you are an employer or the head of a company normally the most pressure come from the bills and payments, you have to keep them on time. Sometimes when you are under a crisis or a bad moment on the market you have to cut the budget or make some arrangements to preserve on the market and that is totally cool, you have to survive. However when you recovered you have to return to the old scheme and maintain the quality of the service and the environment of your employees, and even if you can make an improvement, it can be difficult not seeing enough profit for a time but that is what make the difference for your people and your customers is the reason why you still on the market.

Unfortunately, this does not happens all the time, ven is weird. Nowadays most of the business are created to the only idea of generate profit and it does not matter at what price, is the quality of service or product is bad or if the employees are in deplorable situation. At first sight they start gaining a lot. Nonetheless most of the time they are on the edge an the first moment the customer or employees realize the product does not worth enough they are going to come all the way down and end as most of the business failures of the 21st century.

Your people and your quality talks by themselves, so every time try to give the best of them it does not matter if the Continue reading "Formula for success"

Home Office

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Nowadays with the pandemic of COVID-19 the life of most of the people have changed, for students it become kind of easy is just staying in home and assist to online classes, maybe is harder to keep focus or do all the work in home. However, the big problem begins when you have a job.

With the situation that we live every government recommends stay in home for the own security. Nonetheless, the economy and life keeps going and people must find a way to maintain their job and incomes.

Home office arrived as a good alternative to hold up the work avoiding contact with people. Working in home at first is kind of hard, is a challenge to do everything through screen and discover how to feel comfortable and not be distracted in your home.

This is a privilege that not everybody can enjoy, not all the works are suitable for it.

For managers change all the dynamic, due most of them use to supervise the work passing to the office of an employee or face to face talk about the advance, but being behind a screen depends on trust. For some jobs is easy to keep the record of the work done, you can have the files and reports, but for others it become hard to know if the employee is really doing his job, everything depends on trust and control.

There are a lot of tools for this remote work like zoom, where you can have virtual meetings with your partners and also if you need to have a private conversation with one employee you can do it directly without problems.

Some software companies have used long ago this model and they share that the basis is the trust of the employee. Besides they share that a Continue reading "Home Office"