Project Evaluation and Management, First Partial

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At the start of this partial I didn’t know what to expect really, I thought it was going to be another theory class where we would just read some theory and learn management concepts, do tests, pass and on to the next class, but it has been way more than that.

I have practiced a lot my English, as well as my writing and communication skills, at first it would take me hours just to get started in a blog, I felt kind of lost on how to start writing and expressing myself, but week after week I felt how it got easier, this is something I never expected to learn from this course.

The book along with the speakers has taught me many things that I have never learned in another class, it feels clearly that this book talks about things you don’t learn by studying, you learn by experiencing and living the work life, you can tell from the way the book lessons and the speakers lessons make the same arguments and have the almost the same points of view. To be honest I don’t feel passionate about the idea of only working as a project management, but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested about everything I have learned from this class.

Management is a topic everyone should learn as the basics of it are as important for a manager as for a employee. The main lesson I have learned is how wrong I had the idea of management in my head, to be honest I thought it was all about administration, deadlines and rules, clearly I was a little lost in the subject you could say.

Management is about people, you have to get to know the people that work with you (not for you), of course

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