Partial 2 – TI 2011

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Reflective and prospective post on the course TI 2011 – Project Evaluation and Management

What have I learned so far in this class?

The main takeaways for me in the second partial of this semester have been all the guest lectures we had, and the reading of our novel ‚The Deadline‚.

So, what have I learned from the guest lectures?
First of all, we had guest speakers with highly diverse backgrounds and working experience. They have worked in startups, big tech conglomerates or founded their own startups and one even went to Shark Tank to pitch his business. They also worked in all kinds of different areas, from the gaming tech industry to finance to health.
In general message I took from all of them was that we should try to get as much experience in as many fields as possible, to learn new stuff and to figure out what we actually want to do in our lives. While we need to put a lot of effort and dedication in to achieve new things, we should also never forget to take time for ourselves and for hobbies, not only to relax but also to find opportunities for inspiration and motivation. And most importantly, we should not try to do too many things at once but rather focus on one element and do that properly.
Personally, it helped me to hear about their opinions about doing a master’s degree. As it is super important in the working life to be able to work with other people or even manage people, those skills need to be learned and trained. Doing a master’s degree can help you exactly with that, as it requires students to be more like peers of professors or professionals rather than sitting in a

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